The Postcard Project: 52 Weeks of Art Journaling Via Snail Mail by Dawn DeVries Sokol

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Take art journaling to the next level, and delight your far-away friends by doodling your way through a year of postcards.
Artists have long expressed themselves within the covers of sketchbooks, using them as a venue to spill emotions, thoughts, and ideas. The art journal has only increased in popularity in the last decade, appealing to scrapbookers, planners, and mixed media artists. But what about using it as a form of communication with like-minds from a distance?

With The Postcard Project: 52 Weeks of Art Journaling via Snail Mail, author Dawn DeVries Sokol takes art journaling to another level. Aspiring and seasoned artists of all ages will be introduced to the concept of communication through drawing, doodling, collaging, and writing on postcards--the most economical way to send a letter. Included prompts will guide art journalers as to subject matter, dry art techniques, and tools. Some of these prompts include the following: "Go outside. What do you see? Draw/doodle/collage it." and "Draw a map of where you are, or where you want to be." Includes perforated pages designed to be torn out, worked on, and mailed to others.


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