Sterling Lettering Book

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  • Get inspired by 60 hand-lettered alphabets and the artists who draw them! This beautiful follow-up to 100 Days of Lettering helps you master the techniques so you can use them in your own designs.
  • In his latest hand-lettering guide, designer and illustrator Jay Roeder has compiled a vibrant collection of alphabets that will have you racing for your pens, markers, and sketchbooks. He explains everything you need to know to create each set of letters, from the required pen strokes to fun embellishments. The alphabets are divided by typographical approach for easy navigation. Whether you're looking for an elegant script, a whimsical collection of doodle-inspired letters, or a striking set of dimensional letters, you'll find something that perfectly suits your personal style and projects. Each section includes a beautiful gallery showcasing work by the author and other artists.
  • 176 pages, all in color


    Jay Roeder is a freelance illustrator and designer with a focus on hand lettering. He has received commissions from brands including Nike, TV Land, Facebook, and Hilton. Through the years, his work has also been published in various magazines, newspapers, and books. You can see his portfolio and more examples of his artwork at

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