FIMO Professional Polymer Clay 454g White

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FIMO professional modelling clay is ideal for delicate crafting at the highest level, thanks to its premium quality. FIMO professional has a firmer consistency. This gives the clay more dimensional stability, making it exceptionally well-suited to highly detailed artwork. Thanks to the pure pigments, the brilliant colours can be mixed exactly. The product therefore delivers first-class results even when used for highly refined techniques. FIMO professional is compatible with FIMO soft and FIMO effect.

  • Ready to use
  • Once baked it can be sanded, drilled, cut and painted (acrylic works best)
  • 454g block
  • Extremely pliable with excellent dimensional stability
  • Firm consistency for particularly filigree items
  • Exact to condition
  • True colours using the purest of pigments for brilliant blending results
  • Blocks are resealable and easy to open
  • Recommended quality for professionals, artists and advanced users
  • Compatible with FIMO professional doll art, FIMO soft, FIMO effect and FIMO leather-effect
  • Infinitely versatile: For jewellery, accessoires and home deko items

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