Spice Box Around the World Calligraphy Set

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Learn writing styles from all around the world with the Spice Box Around the World Calligraphy set! Discover how to make ink using a Chinese ink stone, how to write Persian letters using a bamboo pen, and how to turn you words into art. You'll love experimenting with all the fun tools and supplies in the kit, and learning all about how people around the world create beautiful writing.


  • 1 instruction book
  • 1 practice pad
  • 1 calligraphy marker
  • 1 Chinese watercolour brush
  • 1 ink stick
  • 1 ink stone
  • 1 bamboo pen
  • 1 bottle of ink
  • 1 skein of thread
  • 1 round plastic container with lid

Recommended for ages 8 and up.


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