Speedball Limited Edition Print Posse Fabric Screen Ink- 8oz Peckinpah Magenta

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The Print Posse is a collaboration between some of today's most well-known and respected printmakers and the Speedball team to formulate an ink in the color or unique formulation that they felt was ideally-suited for their vision and works.

Professional-grade, offering unrivaled open time and richness of color. Formulated for printing on a range of surfaces from paper to wood and primed surfaces, each limited edition ink was hand-picked by and specially-formulated for each Print Posse artist to be reflective of their preferred palette and working properties.

About the Amazing Hancock Brothers:
Charles and John Hancock, also know as “The Amazing Hancock Bros,” are masters of low-tech printmaking and other mixed media printing. The self-proclaimed “les enfants teribles” of the Central Texas art world, the Brothers Amazing are also card-carrying members of the nationally-known “Dirty Printmakers of America” and the Outlaw Printmakers.
Los Hermanos Hancock particularly excel in woodcuts and silkscreen prints, or mixed-media variants of all. They also double-team on mixed-media prints, where genre and identity both blur. Of special note, they use exotic material such as mattress covers, plastic, metal flashing, little mermaid bed sheets, recycled materials or even a good piece of rag paper–whatever is handy to print on.


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