Speedball Limited Edition Print Posse Fabric Screen Ink- 8oz Bird Machine Black

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The Print Posse is a collaboration between some of today's most well-known and respected printmakers and the Speedball team to formulate an ink in the color or unique formulation that they felt was ideally-suited for their vision and works.

Professional-grade, offering unrivaled open time and richness of color. Formulated for printing on a range of surfaces from paper to wood and primed surfaces, each limited edition ink was hand-picked by and specially-formulated for each Print Posse artist to be reflective of their preferred palette and working properties.

Jay Ryan's Bird Machine Black:
“Bird Machine Black enables us to maintain an overall earthy tone, reducing contrast within the image, allowing organic color variations to become more noticeable. While Speedball Poster Black is appropriate in many other uses, we’ve found Bird Machine Black to be more effective when depicting woolly mammoths using furniture incorrectly, or when printing groups of sloths festooned across various bicycles.”


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