Sculpture Block 30x15x10cm

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  • Artists and 3D designers will love the Sculpture Block! Extremely light and strong, this sculpture material has long-lasting results.Create beautiful, detailed sculptures in less time, this user-friendly material is also more cost-effective than wood or stone.
  • Ideal for use by professional artists, 3D designers, hobbyists, architects, and modelmakers.
  • Sculpture Block can be shaped with a variety of different tools such as a saw, a round chisel, a rasp  or sandpaper. It can even be glued, painted, decorated, or coated with plaster, cement, polyester, or epoxy!
  • Sculpture Block is low dust


"I love using the Sculpture blocks in my work because while they are easy to carve, they actually hold details really well. The same can not be said of all sculpting materials! The blocks are also rigid, so you can make organic forms and hard surfaces" - Jim

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