Running Press Mini Kit - The Office Answer Wheel

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The Office Answer Wheel - Give It a Spin!
by Andrew Farago & Shaenon K. Garrity

Inspired by an iconic prize wheel, this humorous gag gift includes a mini spinning answer wheel with a sarcastic twist—the perfect desktop companion for your home or office.

Does your boss, officemate, or family constantly pester you with a seemingly endless supply of questions, requests (read: demands), and assignments?

If you're tired of the parade of questions from your boss, kids, or coworkers, simply turn to your trusty Office Answer Wheel, give the wheel a gentle spin, and let whatever answer it lands on determine the asker's fate.

Answers include:
- Count Me In
- I Call Early Weekend
- Yes, and I Love Your Hair
- Ask Me Next Week
- I'll Have It in by 5
- I Demand Coffee
- I'll Do Overtime for This
- This Desk Is out of Service
- Sounds Great
- All Signs Point to No

Running Press RP Minis Kit



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