Robotime Rolife DIY Mini Model Kit - Cat House

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The Cat House Miniature Dollhouse is a love letter from cat owners to their cats. Simply making a home for miniature cats will bring a smile to your face! This DIY mini Cat House diorama model kit is great for adults whether beginners who want to try out a new hobby or veterans who are seeking new inspiration for their next craft projects!  Collect all the Robotime Rolife DIY Miniature dollhouses and create a miniature world of your own.

  • Size: 220mm x 190mm x 210mm
  • Materials: Wood, Plastic, Paper & Fabrics
  • Included: accessories, brush, fabric/metal/paper/plastic/wood, tweezers, manual, LED Lights, alcohol glue
  • Required Tools: Glue (white & silicone), rulers & scissors, screwdriver, needle, battery (2 x 3V button cell CR2032)
  • Time to Complete: ~12h

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