Ridley's Games Funky Fungi Card Game

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A magical mushroom game for fun-gis and fun-girls alike, this card-collecting game will definitely grow on you! Forage for the best fungi to be the first player to reach ten points and win the game.

The starting player chooses a mushroom card from their hand to start the round, and the other players must play a card matching the color of this card with a higher or lower value. The card with the highest value of the lead color wins the round, with the winning player getting first pick of one of the cards played that round, the second player then choosing one, and so on. As the game goes on, the aim is to try to collect clusters or combinations of 2 to 4 different fungi. Each completed cluster has a points value, and the player who reaches ten points first will be crowned champignon!

Be careful, some fungi can be toxic and played against other foragers!  Packaged in a travel-friendly, mushroom-style box, this game is super portabella! Printed on FSC paper and with vegetable inks.

Play with 2 to 4 players, average gameplay is 30 minutes.

Recommended for kids from ages 8 years old up to adults.



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