Pomegranate Kishi Chikudo Notecards

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  • Ten 3½ x 5 in. blank notecards with envelopes in an acetate-topped box.
  • Published with the USC Pacific Asia Museum.
  • Bird Album Leaf from a Set of 50, late 19th century, by Kishi Chikudō (Japanese, 1826–1897)
    Ink and color on silk
  • During his lifetime, Kishi Chikudō (1826–1897) was regarded as one of the three greatest painters of Kyoto, Japan. Following the practice of shasei (sketching from life), Chikudō painted animals, cherry blossoms, birds, flowers, and moonlit scenes. He used a soft, finely tapered wet brush applied directly to silk to create shading and three-dimensionality.

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