Pomegranate 2024 Wall Calendar - Johfra Bosschart: Zodiac

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Inspired by the works of Dalí, Shakespeare, and Tolkien, Dutch artist Johfra Bosschart combined elements of fantasy, mythology, astrology, and religion to create stunning surrealist paintings. In his Zodiac series, Johfra intertwined the traditional elements of the Western zodiac with mythological imagery to create paintings that are rife with hidden symbolism and meaning. Are those the scales of Maat weighing the heart and the feather in Libra? Why are cliffs featured so prominently in Capricorn? This calendar’s 12 signs of the zodiac, painted between 1974 and 1975, invite us to question every detail—in Johfra’s work and in their relevance to our own lives.

  • 12 monthly grids and full-color artwork
  • High-quality printing with soy-based inks on premium, environmentally sourced paper stock
  • Exceptional color quality
  • Grid pages are easy to write on
  • Features US, Canadian, and United Kingdom legal holidays
  • Perfect for hanging at home or over an office desk
  • Pomegranate’s calendars feature exclusive selections of art from museums and artists around the world
  • Size: 12 x 13 x .125 in.
  • Opens to: 12 x 26 in.

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