Pomegranate 2020 Goddesses Art Calendar

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  • Goddesses were revered throughout the world’s cultures for their creative and regenerative powers. Susan Seddon Boulet (American, b. Brazil, 1941–1997) drew on her own spiritual journeys and extensive research into traditional belief systems to create art that speaks to the human psyche. She incorporated mythology, religion, and iconography to depict the many faces of the feminine divine: nurturing and healing, as well as fiercely protective. Boulet’s paintings bring to mind a time when humans sought the wisdom of Mother Earth, when life hung on the success or failure of a harvest, when goddesses could restore harmony to a troubled world.
  • Each of this calendar’s twelve images is accompanied by informative text about the goddess depicted. Pomegranate also publishes Boulet’s work in Susan Seddon Boulet: A Retrospective.
  • All of Pomegranate’s calendars are printed with soy-based inks on FSC® certified paper, which means the paper has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® and manufactured by an FSC certified printer. FSC certification promotes responsible forest management by ensuring that forestry practices are environmentally responsible, socially equitable, and economically viable.
  • 2020

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