Pentel Arts Brush Sign Pen, Extra Fine Sky Blue

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Vibrant brush markers are blendable and washable, capable of creating a full hue and value range similar to water colour.The flexible synthetic brush tip offers the most control and precision anywhere. Perfect for highly detailed and expressive sketches, comic inking and colouring, and professional illustration. Integrates seamlessly with SignPen Brush and Pentel Brush products.

Pentel brings Japanese innovation and clever design to every product they make since 1946.  "Pentel creates the tools that enable people ... to cultivate the joy of expressing themselves."  From the Sign pen (1963) with over 2 billion sold to date, the Pentel Brush Pen (1976), to the ever popular EnerGel (2000) family of water-based gel ink pens, you'll "Discover the best."


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