Paperblanks Pencil Case Box - Floral Kikka

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This Paperblanks Kikka pencil case reproduces Michiko Kamee’s “full of chrysanthemum” design originally handpainted with gold overglaze and colour on china by employing the Kyo-Satsuma technique.

The sturdy design always holds its shape, and the lid flap can fold around to create an open presentation case to showcase the items within.

  • Well-crafted design: this pencil box is highly sturdy and always holds its shape
  • Additional interior storage box for smaller items
  • Paperblanks bookmark with historical details of the design
  • 8.75" x 2.75" x 1.25" 

About This Design:

  • Original Art: Michiko Kamee’s “full of chrysanthemum” Kyo-Satsuma teacup
  • Era: Contemporary
  • Region: Kyoto, Japan

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