Paperblanks Pencil Case Box - Ougi

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“Maki-e” translates from Japanese to mean “sprinkled pictures,” a definition that perfectly captures the art form that has inspired this cover. Purchased from a private collector in Kyoto, the original maki-e lacquer box carrying this design dates back to either the Edo or Meiji period.

  • Well-crafted design: this pencil box is highly sturdy and always holds its shape
  • Additional interior storage box for smaller items
  • Paperblanks bookmark with historical details of the design
  • Measurements: 8.75" x 1.25" x 2.75" (Width: 220mm (8¾") / Height: 30mm (1¼") / Depth: 68mm (2¾")
  • Decorative printed cover paper

Original Art:

  • Maki-e tradition lacquerware box
  • Era: Edo or Meiji Period
  • Region: Japan
  • The design that decorates the Ougi cover comes from the paintwork on a Japanese lacquer box dating from the early 19th century and currently held in a private collection.



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