Noodler's Triple Tail Fountain Pen - Clear Demonstrator

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Noodler's fountain pens are ideal for fountain pen enthusiasts who enjoy really getting to know their pens. Fully adjustible nib and feed allows for the user to customize the pen until it's working just right. The creator of Noodler's believes in robust engineering, practicality, frugality, utility, and adaptability- yet remaining "green" at the same time.

The Triple Tail features a three-tined flex nib, offering terrific line variation. Great for flex nib calligraphy or for pen & ink artists with a controlled hand. 

  • The entire pen can be disassembled and reassembled by hand. Parts are all threaded and no tools are required.
  • The nib is of the finest stainless flex steel tipped with platinum group metals and set upon an automatic feed design of handmade ebonite.
  • Fill using the built in piston filler.
  • Clean the pen thoroughly prior to it's first use.
  • Made of cotton butyrate resin, so it doesn't have the distinctive Noodler's smell!

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