My Life Story - Second Edition by Chartwell Books

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Record your life story in this beautiful keepsake journal with 200 guided exercises and prompts that take you back through each stage of your life and its accompanying adventures.

Writing your autobiography is no easy task. As any writer will advise, you need to rip off the hesitation and just begin to start writing. But, where do you start? Which experiences shaped you? Who or what influenced you to become who you are today? My Life Story journal jump-starts the reflective process to get your creative juices flowing and opens your mind to dig deeper into who you are, where you started, and, most importantly, where you are going.

The thought-provoking and lighthearted questions are organized into chapters based on life stages. Start your life’s memoir by remembering your childhood with questions such as "Where was the farthest place from home you traveled to and did you enjoy it there?" Then move into adolescence with prompts like "List five objects you remember from one of your middle school/junior high school classes and describe them". Afterward, record your early adulthood with creative reflections such as "What film, theater production, book, or song best describes this era of your life and why?"

With you as the protagonist, My Life Story challenges you to dig deep within yourself and create a fully realized record of your adventures in addition to serving as an excellent companion to your gratitude, empathy, or self-care practices.

Format: Paperback Layflat 204 Pages
Category: Health & Spirituality, History, Biography & Culture, Stationery & Gifts
Subject area: Biography, Guided Journals, Self-Help
Series: Creative Keepsakes
Size: 6.00 in x 8.42 in (152.40 mm x 213.87 mm)
Published: December 28th, 2021
Imprint: Chartwell Books
ISBN: ISBN9780785840374


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