My Creative Writing Guided Journal by Kristine Pidkameny

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My Creative Writing Journal - Unique prompts, exercises, and activities to inspire your imagination
By Kristine Pidkameny

A guided writing journal filled with tips, instructions and plenty of space to explore your creativity and become a better writer.  “Where do I begin?” A common question, no matter how much you love to write, how often you write, or if you’re a beginner to journaling. The blank page or empty journal can be intimidating. Designed to nurture your creativity and self-motivation, My Creative Writing Journal provides you with welcome guidance and inspiration to explore and write with ease.

Inside this interactive journal you will find plenty of writing room to get your thoughts and words on paper and even learn more about yourself. Unique writing prompts and interesting topics and questions to reflect upon will stimulate your creativity and have you brainstorming new ideas. Whether you’re new to journal writing or find yourself really stuck in the creative process, discover the motivation to get started and the encouragement to continue and enjoy your writing journey.

Length: 144 pages
Product Dimensions: 5.8 X 8.3 inches
Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small - CICO Books
Publication date: January 12, 2021
UPC: 9781782499244

Author Bio:
Kristine Pidkameny is an editor, writer, artist and guide for mind, body, spirit resources. She lives in New York.


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