Midori Stamping Notebook - Green

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This notebook is specially designed to be used with Midori paintable stamps with thick paper pages so that the ink of the stamp won’t bleed through. The cover has a folded section that can be placed between pages to prevent ink from rubbing onto the page next to it or to mark your place.

The pages are large enough to fit four pictures from the Paintable Stamp Pre-Inked collection and have an understated 2mm grid that provides a guide without interfering with the picture. Use the triangular guides printed on the pages to align the stamp neatly.

The notebook is ring bound so that the pages lie flat for easy stamping. There are no rings in the center so that you can rest your fingers there while stamping. The texture paper and color of the cover complement the crafty style of the stamps.

With an easy-to-carry size, this notebook is ideal for stamp rallies at tourist attractions, stations and events.

  • Package: H154×W157×D14mm
  • Notebook: H150mm×W152mm×D14mm
  • 59 pages
  • 2mm grid ruled

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