Little Blue House Mini Snow Globe - Skiing Moose (Ó)

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Give this miniature snowglobe a shake to be transported to an enchanting world of magic and whimsy! Sitting atop a molded base and featuring swirling multi-coloured flakes, it's just the thing you need to bring a little joy to your every day lives.

  • Globe rests atop a molded base
  • Give it a shake to reveal swirling multi-coloured flakes
  • Features classic Little Blue House skiing moose character
  • Height: 6.5cm
  • Materials: 40% Polyresin, 40% Water, 20% Glass

Please Note: Due to the adverse effects of extreme cold weather on snow globes, during winter this product is available for in-store purchase or pickup only. If you decide you still want this product shipped, please make a request at and be aware that you are doing so at your own risk. Midoco will not be responsible if damages occur during shipping.


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