Liquitex Basics Modeling Paste 200ml

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Ideal for creating 3D textures and structure to your artwork.  Developed with students in mind but dependable enough for artists too.


  • Opaque and matte
  • Add to acrylic paint to thicken paint consistency and retain brushstrokes
  • Can be used on nearly any non-oily absorbent surface
  • Intermixable with other Liquitex products


The Cincinnati, Ohio based company Permanent Pigments created Liquitex, the first water-based acrylic paint for artists in 1955.  The name Liquitex stands for "Liquid texture."  The Liquitex brand has been at the forefront of paint ever since, leading the industry with a number of firsts, Gloss and Matte Mediums, Hue colours in place of more expensive pigments, iridescent acrylics and many more.


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