Liquitex Acrylic Gouache 59ml Raw Sienna

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  • A bright brown earth color with a yellow undertone and high opacity. Raw sienna is one of the oldest pigments in its natural state and can be found in prehistoric cave art. It is named after Siena, Italy where the pigment was sourced during the Renaissance
  • Lightfastness: Excellent
  • Series 1
  • Opacity: Opaque
  • Pigment: PBR7 • PW6 • PY184 • PY42
  • The most intense colors, this gouache has a flat, matte effect. No brush strokes. No cracks. No need to dilute.The innovative formula has a super-concentration of pure, ultra-fine pigments dispersed evenly in a flexible acrylic vehicle. A superb fluidity and application of opaque to semi-opaque colours: all with a permanent, water-resistant finish when dry. Because it doesn’t reflect the light, it’s perfect for scanning and mixing with digital effects – making it ideal for illustration and design work. Acrylic Gouache pushes the opacity of each color to its limits. The result is a full range of opaque and semi-opaque colors, giving you the best possible combination of opacity versus flexibility, with minimum show-through.
  • A lasting, crack-free finish. Due to the high level of pigment, most gouaches can crack when drying. Liquitex sets a new benchmark: The acrylic vehicle brings flexibility to the paint film, giving you a reliable, non-cracking finish. Other gouaches need water to ease their way.  Liquitex acrylic gouache gives you a creamy, fluid texture with superb brushout, straight from the bottle. Application feels effortless and flowing, with no drag - making it perfect for large area coverage or fine detail. And because you don’t need to add water, your colors keep their true vibrancy.
  • Excellent for solid colour blocking, layering, illustration, painting and mixed media applications.
  • Uncap container for more precise paint quantities, or unscrew like a jar when filling large areas 
  • The Cincinnati, Ohio based company Permanent Pigments created Liquitex, the first water-based acrylic paint for artists in 1955.  The name Liquitex stands for "Liquid texture."  The Liquitex brand has been at the forefront of paint ever since, leading the industry with a number of firsts, Gloss and Matte Mediums, Hue colours in place of more expensive pigments, iridescent acrylics and many more.

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