Let's Make Comics Drawing Book By Jess Smart Smiley

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  • About "Let's Make Comics": A light-hearted interactive guide to comics and cartoon-making that uses an activity book format and creatively stimulating prompts to teach the fundamentals of cartooning in a fun and easy-to-follow fashion.
  • From a working cartoonist and comic book making instructor, this all-ages activity book uses humorous and informative one-page comics and exercise prompts to guide young readers (and readers who are young at heart) through easy-to-master lessons on the skills needed to make comics. The activities cover a range of essential comics-making tasks from creating expressions for characters to filling in blank panels to creating original characters and placing them in adventures of their own. Each exercise can stand on its own or work together with others in the book to stimulate creativity via the comics medium. In the end, readers who complete the activities inside the book itself will have created several comics of their own, and will have generated many ideas for more sequential art creations.
  • Published by Watson-Guptill
  • Recomended for ages 7-10+
  • About the Author: Jess Smart Smiley makes rad pictures with his bare hands. Selected clients include Disney Pixar, Cartoon Network, Provo City, and Top Shelf Publishing.



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