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Discover all you ever wanted to know about poo–and more–with Poop Bingo! Featuring 24 animals and their uniquely shaped poops, this is the bingo game to end all bingo games. Kids will delight in discovering that wombats poop in cubes and that penguins poop in squirts that come in different colours depending on what they’ve eaten! Be the first to fill your game card with animals and poops to win BINGO!

Beautifully packaged, Poop Bingo is gorgeously illustrated by award-winning illustrator Claudia Boldt while also containing an informative booklet with all the things you wanted to know–and never dared to ask–about animals and their poops, written by Aidan Onn.

Animals that are featured include: ants, bats, bears, beetles, cats, cows, elephants, horses, koalas, mice, penguins, pandas, rhinos, snails, vultures and many more. Did you know that the microscopic demodex mite (often called an eyelash mite because it lives on our faces) is the only creature (that we know of) that never needs to poop? Read about this and other fun and smelly facts in the accompanying booklet.

Poop Bingo comes complete with:

  • A fully illustrated game board
  • 8 double-sided games cards
  • 48 chips
  • A container to store chips
  • 150 counters
  • Poop facts booklet


  • 3-8 Players
  • 48 illustrations
  • Recommended for ages 3 and up. Not for children under 3 due to choking hazard.
  • Size: 220 x 220 mm
  • Published: 08/11/2020 by Laurence King Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781786277473

Claudia Boldt grew up in Cologne, Germany, and moved to the UK to study. She has written and illustrated a number of books. Writer Aidan Onn was born in the UK and grew up in Hong Kong.


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