FIMO Kids Form & Play Space Monsters

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  • Fimo is a soft polymer modelling clay that was invented in the 1930's, and manufactured by Staedtler.  Easy to use and can be baked at low temperatures in an oven to harden.
  • New Fimo Kids is an oven-hardening modelling clay developed specifically to satisfy the needs of children
  • Softer than Fimo soft
  • Form & play is a combination of modelling and playing. Clear shapes and well-structured, child-friendly instructions graded according to level of difficulty combined with a modelling clay developed specifically for children.
  • The background scene included on the inside of the box not only increases the fun factor but also provides inspiration for more new modelling ideas.
  • Fosters creativity, fine motor skills and spatial perception
  • Particularly soft handing and shaping
  • Easy to blend
  • CE-certified product
  • Neutral smelling
  • Intended for children ages 7-8+
  • Adult Supervision Required



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