Fimo Kids Form & Play Set - Happy Bees

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FIMO kids is exceptionally soft. Users often talk about “FIMO dough for kids” or “FIMO playdough for kids” – but FIMO is a modelling clay. The CE-certified modelling clay is designed specially for children’s hands, allowing creative little ones to make unique works of art in an instant. When children regularly use FIMO, it promotes creativity, imagination and spatial awareness. Working with modelling clay also trains and enhances fine motor skills. This sort of FIMO is therefore ideal for parents who want to give their kids something productive to do.

The "Happy Bees" Set containing 4 blocks of 42g (glitter gold, light pink, green, black), modelling stick, step-by-step instructions, cut out templates / playing surface, sticker, instruction

  • Form & Play - combination of modelling and playing
  • Knead-harden-play
  • Especially soft modelling clay
  • Exciting projects with detailed step-by-step instructions
  • Attractive, child-friendly instructions to keep and collect
  • Fosters fine motor skills, creativity, imagination and role-playing games
  • Reclosable box
  • Decorative playing surface, funny stickers and gripping cut out templates increase the playing value of the set

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