Enkaustikos Encaustic Hot Stick Phthalo Blue Red Shade

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  • Phthalo Blue Red Shade is a single pigment paint. All Phthalo pigments have an extremely high tinting strength. In mass tone they are extremely dark in value, sometimes overlooked on the shelf since they appear black. They are also highly transparent in nature, so are an excellent choice for extending with wax medium for glazing techniques. A modern pigment, when used for mixing other colours, only a small amount is needed. Phthalo Blue Red Shade is a good choice for mixing purples, especially when mixed with Alizarin Crimson or Quinacridone Red.
  • Pigment:PB15:1, Copper Phthalocyanine
  • Opacity: Transparent
  • Lightfastness: I

"Enkaustikos encaustic paints are made from the finest ingredients: we select the most beautiful pigments, the finest Damar Gum, and US Pharmaceutical Grade Refined Natural White Beeswax. Our paints contain no bleach or synthetic adulterants whatsoever. Using these main ingredients, we manufacture a full color range of professional encaustic paints. Extremely versatile, Hot Sticks® are ideal for encaustic printmaking, painting, rubbings, and a multitude of mixed media techniques."


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