Enkaustikos Encaustic Hot Stick Naples Yellow Reddish

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  • "Our Naples Yellow Reddish is a composite of pigments. Since we manufacture several pale yellows, we wanted to provide you with a Naples Yellow with a slight reddish cast, too. It is opaque and very light on the value scale. Naples Yellow Reddish is also an ideal alternative to Titanium White when lightening other colors."
  • Pigment:PW6/PBr24, Chrome Antimony Titanium Dioxide Rutile
  • Opacity:Opaque
  • Lightfastness: I

"Enkaustikos encaustic paints are made from the finest ingredients: we select the most beautiful pigments, the finest Damar Gum, and US Pharmaceutical Grade Refined Natural White Beeswax. Our paints contain no bleach or synthetic adulterants whatsoever. Using these main ingredients, we manufacture a full color range of professional encaustic paints. Extremely versatile, Hot Sticks® are ideal for encaustic printmaking, painting, rubbings, and a multitude of mixed media techniques."


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