Doodle, Imagine, Draw Activity Book by Frances Prior-Reeves

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Get inspired by this Doodle, Imagine, Draw sketchbook. This sketchbook will show you the fun of drawing and doodling without boundaries. Create a personalized book bursting with inspiration! Unleash your inner artist with this beautifully illustrated collection of ideas, including over 200 pages of space to shade, color, scribble, doodle, and more. Tailor-made illustrations and artistic quotes throughout this sketchbook to get you thinking creatively. Draw fire-breathing reptiles or add bright and colorful designs to some Hawaiian shirts. Don't think, just draw!  Great for all ages.

  • Grab your favorite colored pencils and get doodling!
  • Over 150 creative ideas to inspire creativity. Use at home, after-school, during summer activities, homeschooling, for art projects or more - so many inspiring ideas
  • Accompanied by tailor-made illustrations and artistic quotes to get you thinking creatively!
  • Perfect for all skill levels - beginners, intermediate, and advanced doodlers will enjoy bringing out their inner artist

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