Djeco Tinyly House Play Set - Sunny & Mia

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Born from a world of poetry and imagination, these little girls are super cool. Each has a special companion and 2 accessories. These delicate little creatures are the imaginative, quirky brainchild from Virginie Brachet for Djeco. The range is aimed at children between the age of 4 to 9 years old.  Each play set comes with 1 miniature doll figurine, 1 special friend, 2 accessories and a dollhouse diorama scene.

Meet Sunny and her inseparable companion kitten Mia in their adorable miniature cloud dollhouse. Children will adore the mini house and the figurines as they immerse themselves into an imaginative story time.

Contents: 1 play set with fixtures (cardboard) + 1 figurine + 1 companion + 2 accessories (plastic).


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