Djeco Artistic Aqua Pearl Pendants

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A fun new craft kit from Djeco where you place small magic pearls in the shape of figures on a small transparent special plate and then spray with water so that they are activated and stick to each other when they dry. It also includes materials to make stylish pendants of the finished figures of a unicorn, a star and a rainbow.

  • The set includes: about 595 beads in 8 pastel colors, 1 transparent plate with small depressions to keep the beads in place, a small spray bottle for the water, 3 cards with templates for the figures (to put under the plate), ribbons in 3 colors, a total of 33 large beads and other decorations, thread for the decorations, 1 needle and 2 aids for threading the thread through the needle, a booklet with step-by-step instructions in color pictures and a storage box.

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