Crocodile Creek 500pc Family Puzzle - Sea Giants

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This family jigsaw puzzle has been especially designed so family members of different ages and skill levels can work on the puzzle at the same time. Older children and adults can work on the large 500 piece puzzle while younger children can assemble one of the individual animal images with lower piece counts.

Learn about sharks, whales, crocodiles, giant squids and more. Each puzzle includes an chart to help identify the animals, learn about their size and length, the facts that make them true Giants of the Sea!

Puzzles are not only a fun, engaging activity but also build confidence and self esteem in young children.  They are perfect for helping children develop critical cognitive and problem solving skills as well as enhancing fine motor skills.

  • Material: Cardboard
  • Size: 18 x 24 inches
  • Recommended for kids ages 4+ to adult
  • 500 Pieces
  • Crocodile Creek uses high quality materials and state of art production methods to assure both quality and safety. In their ongoing commitment to the environment they use only Forest Stewardship Council approved materials.


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