Crayola Advent Calendar

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  • Celebrate the holiday season creatively with the Crayola Christmas Countdown Activity Advent Calendar. Inspired by traditional advent calendars, the 24-Day Calendar of Surprises offers kids a unique, artistic way to prepare for Christmas.
  • Each day on the calendar features a different craft or colouring project, giving kids a positive way to channel their holiday enthusiasm. With tree ornaments, finger puppets, handmade gifts, and more, this kit also helps kids create lasting keepsakes that they can display for many Christmases to come.
  • Included in this Advent Calendar: 5 doodle scents markers, 1 Twistables slick Stix, 4 glitter crayons, 4 metallic crayons, 6 paint pots, 1 paint brush, 59 ml model magic, 2 washable window markers, 1 pip squeaks marker
    20 Goggly eyes, 1 glitter glue stick, 1 tip sharpener, 19 paper sheets, 1 envelope, 3 sticker sheets, 1 instruction sheet, 3 Anchros, 3 ribbon pieces,1glitter glue tube
  • A fun way to count down the days until Christmas, and great alternative to chocolate or candy filled advent!
  • Ages 4+

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