Citadel Miniature Painting Handle MK2

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First, there was the humble Citadel Painting Handle – this simple tool was a runaway hit, making it easy to paint your model and eat a bacon sandwich without ruining your finish. This updated Citadel Colour Painting Handle is the biggest improvement on the revolutionary tool since its inception.

By removing much of the bulk in the spring-loaded upper clasp, it’s easier than ever to reach all around – and under – your models. The grip is more ergonomic, sitting comfortably in your palm for fatigue-free marathon painting sessions. The redesigned shape of the base improves the balance and distribution of weight, allowing it to be even taller while reducing accidental knock-downs.

  • The painting handle holds 25mm, 28mm, 32mm and 40mm bases.
  • The evolution of a revolutionary tool
  • Improved balance and ergonomic design
  • Spring-loaded clasp holds models securely

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