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The standard deck of 52 playing cards is a staple of game night—but what if it could be so much more!?

Introducing the Heckadeck, a 160-card deck that not only includes the classic cards, but adds all-new ranks, suits, face cards, and other creative elements that open a whole range of exciting new play possibilities. The deck includes hearts through diamonds and Aces through Kings, but also acorns, clouds, arrows, and planets (heck yeah!) plus zeroes and elevens, Beasts, Hunters, Travelers, an all-suited Watcher, and other delightfully illustrated additions. The accompanying booklet offers twists on classic games (Crazier Eights, Hearts [and Clouds], Go Fish with Dynamite), plus rules for new games (Epic Match, Beast Hunt), guidance for inventing your own games, and even tips on predicting the future with this unique and family-friendly heckafun card deck.

HECKA WHAT?: A deck like no other, Heckadeck offers new card games and flair to beloved classics.

  • THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS: This deck allows players to enjoy fun favourites (Go Fish, Spoons, War, etc.), including games that must be played with two decks (Bridge, Whist), but it also encourages playing games only possible with the Heckadeck. Rules for a dozen games (heckafun twists on classics and brand new games) are included in the illustrated instructions. Or you can start inventing your own!
  • Colourfully playful style marries the familiar aesthetic of classic playing cards with brand new fun designs, suitable for kids and adults alike
  • EIGHT SUITS: hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs (standard) plus knives, acorns, planets, and clouds (new!)
  • EACH SUIT HAS: 16 cards, Aces through Kings (standard) plus Zeroes, Elevens, and Beasts (new)
  • ADDITIONAL CARDS (all new): 4 two-suited Travelers, 4 two-suited Hunters, 1 all-suited Watcher, 8 un-suited Arrows, 8 un-suited color Talismans, 1 all-colour Omnihedron, 4 un-suited Jokers, 1 un-suited Crone, and 1 un-suited Darkness card
  • In addition to the 160 playing cards, there is a blank-faced card for whatever addition you want, and one card that MUST BE DESTROYED. Don't ask why, just destroy it, quick!
  • Games can generally be played with 2-8 players
  • Recommended for ages 6 years old and up
  • Average gameplay runs from 15-30 minutes

This unique, hand-illustrated expanded deck playing cards is perfect for: card game enthusiasts, families, and anyone looking for the tools and inspiration to create new games of their own.




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