Benu Luminous Blue Fountain Pen, Fine Nib

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  • The Luminous Blue fountain pen glows beautifully in a dark and semi-dark after an hour exposure to light. A sustained blue glow lasts for up to 12 hours, fading over time. The fluorescent luminous paints used in the pen are completely free from radioactivity and any potential hazards.
  • Long facets covering the pen’s body gives the pens specific shape that prevents it from rolling and enables the true color and brilliance of the material to emerge.
  • Body color: Luminous Blue
  • Body material: resin
  • Ring material: resin
  • Length Capped: 13.8 cm / 5.4 inches
  • Cap: Screw On
  • Nib: Schmidt, stainless steel,
  • Fine Nib
  • Refill: Standard large international size converter or ink cartridge (72 mm / 2.8 inches ).
  • Benu produces their pens from a high quality resin of different colors with glossy, pearlescent or jewel-dazzling star effect. To ensure one of a kind look they prepare resin for each pen separately, carefully matching colors by hand. All BENU fountain pens have high quality JoWo or Bock stainless steel nibs supplied by SCHMIDT Technology GmbH.
  • BENU is a creative brand of writing instruments and desk accessories designed and handcrafted in the company’s own Moscow-based production facilities in Russia. Their team of designers and artisans takes great care to create highly unusual writing instruments that have a unique character and an instantly recognizable look.



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