Barefoot Books Global Kids Activity Deck

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Global Kids Activity Deck: 50+ Games, Crafts, Recipes & More from Around the World
Written By Homa Sabet Tavangar and Illustrated by Sophie Fatus.

Super popular deck format back with latest! Mindful Kids meets Children of the World. 50 activities in 5 categories (play, create, eat, celebrate, and help out) develop global mindset in kids 5+ while they have fun.

Discover Global Kids, your new favorite tool for raising global citizens both inside and beyond the classroom! Developed by global education expert Homa Tavangar and the creators of Barefoot Books’ bestselling Mindful Kids deck, Global Kids includes 50+ hands-on activities divided into 5 categories to teach children about crafts, food, games, festivals and ways of helping others around the world. Bright artwork by Sophie Fatus, illustrator of the bestselling Yoga Pretzels deck, make the steps on each card easy to follow. With its sturdy and flexible deck format, Global Kids offers educators, librarians, parents and caregivers alike an interactive, powerful resource for raising the next generation of global citizens.


For ages 5+

INTERACTIVE LEARNING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: The activity card deck is divided into 5 sections for ease of use — “create, “eat,” “play,” “celebrate,” and “help out” — each providing hands-on activities with easy-to-follow steps to reinforce learning both inside and outside the classroom. The activities require only inexpensive materials that are often found around the home or classroom. No technology is required, making the cards even more flexible and versatile.

Parents and grandparents welcome Global Kids as an unplugged way to instill appreciation, respect, empathy, gratitude, stillness + movement, and imagination in children as they engage in activities that help build bridges not walls to interacting with diverse cultures and customs.

Educators and librarians appreciate the diverse representation and perspectives at their fingertips, that we take a fresh approach to introducing an array of cultures from Afghanistan to Rwanda, the Haudenosaunee Confederation, Japan, Mexico, and many more; nurture social-emotional learning, 21st Century skills of creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking, global competence skills like perspective-taking and investigating the world, and have consulted with subject-area experts from around the world.


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