Banana Panda Let's Play Animal Bingo Game

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Let's Play Animal Bingo for ages 2 and up.

Does a whale live in a meadow or a zebra in the ocean? Of course not! Help the animals find their homes. The first person to arrange all the tokens on their board wins.

How to play:
Match the animals to their habitats before time runs out! Lay out the tokens with the animal pictures face up and be the first to find animals for your board! For memory training, place the tokens face down and take turns uncovering one at a time. The player who finds the right animal puts it on their board. Look at the animals on the boards and tokens, and find the differences! Toddlers can play Animal Bingo by matching the tokens to the right board. Thanks to vibrant, colorful illustrations and simple rules, Animal Bingo is fun for the whole family.

  • This set contains 6 boards measuring 15.5×17.5cm/6×7” and 24 tokens measuring 6.5cm/2.5” diameter
  • Matching and assembling large pieces: trains perception, concentration and logical thinking, and teaches kids about winning and losing.
  • Playing together guarantees great fun and fosters parent-child interaction
  • Large pieces are made of high-quality, thick cardboard, perfect for little hands
  • The handy box with a practical, sturdy handle makes it a great gift
  • Packaging dimensions: 16.5x19x7cm/6.5×7.5×2.5”
  • Recommended for toddlers and children ages 2 and up.


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