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The Accurate Thinker productivity planner is designed to help you manage and optimize your most valuable asset: TIME. It's a complete life-changing planner designed to maximize productivity in a fun way. It's more than a place to organize your thoughts, ideas, and calendar. It's a tool to help you achieve your goals, manage your time, be productive and hold yourself accountable for your actions. Years from now you will be able to look back at this journal and be able to measure how much you have progressed (or not! You're also capturing a certain point in your life and preserving it for for your future self as a sort of time capsule).

More Than Just a Daily Planner... includes goal and goal setting pages help you understand your passions. Once you know your goal set, you can map out plans on how to achieve them. Different mind mapping exercises and a vision board help you visualize and set up your life plans, allowing you to see and focus on the bigger picture. Monthly and weekly feedback helps you track how far you've come and gives you a chance to adjust your goals and action plans accordingly.

  • goal setting & personal evaluation pages
  • 2 page vision board, productivity and review set
  • 3 goal setting pages
  • Weekly and daily inspirational quotes keep you motivated.
  • 6 undated monthly calendars with monthly highlights, 6 month review page
  • 27 weekly task lists with weekly notices, 189 daily pages for organize your days
  • "Thank You Section"
  • Most Memorable Moments Log
  • Bucket List & Book List
  • Finance Tracker - Income Tracker, Debt Tracker, Bill Tracker & Monthly Budget Adjustment All in One
  • 6 Habits Tracker Pages
  • Before and after page
  • Ideas journal (Don't lose your ideas. Jot them up before you forget them!)
  • Track deadlines - track deadlines for projects and homework
  • Grid, lined pages, blank pages for additional notes
  • Contacts address book
  • 320 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", 3 integrated ribbon bookmarks, elastic band closure and pen holder loop
  • Front and back pocket
     The thank you journal and gratitude sections help maintain positivity and good vibes.

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