4m Crystal Science Kit

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  • 4M STEAM Powered Girls Crystal Garden Kit introduces children to chemistry with a hands-on crystal growing experiment. Follow simple steps to grow crystals in multiple different colors and sizes.
  • Crystals grow in 7 days. Large crystals can grow up to 8 cm!
  •  Get creative and design a stunning crystal garden.
  • Adult supervision may be required
  • Contents: 3 large bags of white crystal compound, 3 small bags of seeding mixture, Stirring bowl, 5 transparent cups (2 large, 1 medium, & 2 small), Stirring spoon, 2 bags of white gravel, 1 bag of colored beads, Transparent blister cover, Crystal display tray, 5 ring-shaped templates (2 large, 1 medium, & 2 small), Detailed instructions.
  • Ages 8+
  • Please note: packaging may vary



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