2019 Wall Calendar B. Kliban Cat 12"x13"

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  • The whimsical Cats of B. “Hap” Kliban (American, 1935–1990) have held a cherished place in the hearts of fans since the publication of Cat in 1975. The artist established himself as one of America’s top cartoonists, pioneering a new genre of adult humor, and his deft style and creativity continue to inspire cartoonists working today
  • With his fine sense of the absurd, Kliban made sure hilarity and mild mischief followed Cat wherever he appeared. This year’s selection of Kliban cartoons feature Cat in a bevy of ridiculous predicaments: cooking in the kitchen, painting a mural, facing foes (mice, of course) in the boxing ring—to name a few. More than forty years after they first appeared in print, Kliban’s felines continue to amuse.



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