1000 Piece Puzzle Bob Ross

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THE JOY OF PAINTING - Rediscover the joy of creation with your friends and family by completing this challenging, yet accessible, jigsaw puzzle featuring a Bob Ross masterpiece.

FEEL THE ZEN - “This is not something you should labor over or worry about. Enjoy it.” - Bob Ross. It is well known that jigsaw puzzles can take you into a deep meditative state, or flow state, where time stands still and life’s worries seem to evaporate. Give yourself the gift of peace and joy. Life can feel complicated at times, so enjoy something simple and beautiful!

MADE IN THE USA - Constructed from highly durable puzzle-grade cardboard, the die-cut puzzle pieces are easy to handle and no two are alike. The size of the finished product is the popular puzzle dimensions of 19.25” x 26.625”, and the completed scene is stunning to gaze upon in high definition color.

The puzzle is recommended for anyone 10 years and older.


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