Crayola Pearlescent Paint Markers 10pk

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  • With 9 Pearlescent Permanent Markers and 1 Iridescent Marker, this Signature Paint Marker Set brings a satin finish to a variety of surfaces.
  • Pearlescent Markers can be used on glass, plastic, wood, terra cotta, canvas, and metal. Overlap the Iridescent Colour Changer for added dimension and special effects. The entire collection helps art projects pop, especially on darker backgrounds! Plus, the Markers in Pearlescent Paint Colours are neatly kept in a Decorative Storage Tin, making this beautiful set a ready-to-give gift.
  • This set features 9 Pearlescent Permanent Markers, 1 Iridescent Marker & Decorative Tin.
  • Quick drying ink resists fading and smearing
  • Overlap the Pearlescent Markers with the Iridescent Colour Changer to add dimension and special effects.
  • Great for crafts on dark surfaces, as well as rock painting and hand lettering.
  • Safe and non-toxic 
  • Intended for ages 14 & up



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