Sterling Dinosaur Sticker Activity Book

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  • Dinosaur fans will love this activity-packed book, featuring four pages with more than 100 stickers!
  • From feathered Sinornithosaurus and speedy Velociraptor to giant Brachiosaurus and flying Pteranodon, this dinosaur-filled activity book will delight every fan of these prehistoric creatures. Complete colorful pages with stickers, use the “Fossil Clock” to discover when each dinosaur lived, play a Stegosaurus game, make dino footprints in many different sizes, and more! Plus you get four press-out models to put together—Diplodocus, Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, and Pterodactyl.
  • Pages: 48 pages, all in color
  • Trim: 8.25 x 11.125 Inches


    Margot Channing is an art school graduate with a certificate in Teacher Training. She now works on books for young children, mainly baby, novelty, and activity titles.
  • Adam Pryce is a freelance illustrator based in Manchester. He writes and illustrates his own books, designs card ranges that have been sold in Selfridges, and collaborates with animation companies such as Big Red Studio.

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