Imagine Model Space Kit

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  • Become a space scientist and explore the out-of-this-world science behind our Solar System and beyond. How far away are the stars? Where did the Sun come from? Why does the Moon appear to change shape? Get into science and discover the answers to these questions and many more with the light-speed facts inside. Plus, carry out awesome space science experiments and discover everything you need to make your own amazing model of the moon!


  • Author Biography: Martin Mobberley is a British amateur astronomer, author, and former electronics engineer. He has written major astronomy books and hundreds of articles, and he was president of the British Astronomical Association (BAA) from 1997 to 1999. He was awarded the BAA's prestigious Goodacre Medal in 2000. Stephen Sweet graduated with a degree in technical illustration from the Falmouth College of Arts. Stephen specializes in digital illustration and has created artwork for books on topics ranging from space science and anatomy to natural history and cartoon illustration.

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