Staff Pick Series: Winton and Winsor & Newton for Oil Painting by Nic Cooper

I’ve used Winsor & Newton products for over 10 years. I use their bristle brushes, stretched canvases, oil paints and mediums. I find them very consistent and of good quality, even in their Winton student line.

The Winton line is excellent for earth tones that don’t need to be as highly pigmented as cadmiums or ultramarines, which I get in the artist quality lines. Buying the products strategically allows for a wide selection of tools available to me.

Inside each tube of paint is the pigment powder mixed into oil. Winsor and Newton primarily use linseed oil and/or safflower oil. Linseed oil is more yellow than safflower so it is good to pair the oils you paint with to the value of the colour you are using to ensure the colour stays true over time.

Typically, in a glass jar, a mixture of 40% thinner and 60% oil (or a similar ratio you come to like) is what you paint with.

If you want more of a glaze “stand oil” is a thicker version of linseed oil so it makes the paint more ‘tacky’ and holds the pigments while you spread it thinly over an area.  Typically I use just thinner at the start of a painting, then the mix, then stand oil for the top layers.

The best tip for any painter who wants a vibrant painting is to keep the area clean. Clean your brushes, clean your palette, change your painting rag, and don’t over-paint an area. I clean my brushes every hour and switch my thinner every time it gets cloudy. @brushpoint on instagram

6 Tubes

Winton Oil Colour

Oil Paint Brushes

Winsor & Newton Oil Brushes


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