This just in! Take your fine writing anywhere with the Kaweco Sport fountain pen. With the cap on they measure only 10.5 cm.

Smooth writing, the Sport takes a universal cartridge or converter (also in stock.)  The AL Sport is housed in an Aluminium barrel, available at Midoco in Raw High Gloss and Dark Grey. Warning these pens will scratch and age with use, making each pen unique to you.

The Classic Sport is in stock in Black and Mint.


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The latest from Pentel Slicci (SLEE-CHEE).  Bright-coloured gel ink, in a slim clear barrel and made in Japan.  Extra fine, gel roller lays down smooth.  You’d be hard pressed to find a finer point than these.  We stock the .25mm in Black, Blue, Pink, and Violet.

This great ink is also available in .4mm in 6 colours and .8mm in Gold, and Silver.


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